A Prairie Home Companion Segment 6 for May 17, 2014
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This portion of our show brought to you by the Cafe Boeuf

Atlanta, with your host, Francois the maitre'd ---- Bon jour,


TR: What manure? We have no manure.

GK: A menu, s'il vous plait.

TR: You want me to do a plie? I'm not a ballet dancer. Let

me tell you the specials today, monsieur. We have the

(FRENCH). Or the (FRENCH). Topped with (FRENCH),

and misted with a delicate (FRENCH) As we would say


GK: Let me have that one.

TR: Which?

GK: The second one.

TR: Which was the second one, I forget.

GK: The one after the first one. With the mist.

TR: Just say the name.

GK: It was something like--------

TR: What are you saying? Which way to the airport? What

is the problem?

GK: Never mind. Bring me anything.

TR: How about the (FRENCH)????

GK: Fine. I'll have that.

TR: Excellent choice. (HE SHOUTS FRENCH NAME TO


GK: Does that dish contain internal organs of a sort that an

American does not eat? Kidneys, stomach lining, intestines,


TR: No pancreas?

GK: No, sir.

TR: It is the best part of the dish.

GK: Please. No pancreas.

TR: But it wouldn't be (FRENCH NAME) without the


GK: Please. No.

TR: Have you ever tasted a pancreas?

GK: No.

TR: Wouldn't you like to taste just a little (FR EENTSY


GK: No. No pancreas.

TR: How about if I roll it in flour and fry it?

GK: No.

TR: Barbecued pancreas?

GK: No

TR: How about I call it an oyster?

GK: Okay.

TR: (TO KITCHEN) Raw pancreas!

GK: A message from the Cafe Boeuf Atlanta. Where the

elite meet to greet and eat. And don't forget to tell them to

hold the pancreas.