A Prairie Home Companion Segment 15
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O Minnesota I love your rivers Away you Mississippi O Minnesota I love your rivers The Chippewa, the Roseau and Vermillion

The Lac qui Parle, the Crow and Zumbro The St. Croix, the Rum, the Rainy The Watonwan, the Thief, the Kettle And the Red that flows north up through Manitoba.

O Minnesota I love your rivers The West Savanna and the Elbow Kawishiwi, Nemadji, Wapsipinicon, And the one named for my tribe, the Whiteface River.

There's the Bear (also Bearskin and Beartrap), Beaver, Blackduck, Buffalo, Caribou, Deer, Elk, Gull, Hawk, Horse, Loon, Moose (also Dead Moose), Oyster, Pelican, Pigeon, Pike, Rabbit, Sea Gull, Skunk, Snake, Sturgeon, Swan, Toad, Turtle.

I grew up beside the Mississippi Sat and watched that rolling river You learn that even if you sit still The river flows, the world goes on without you. There's the Artichoke River, the Ash, Basswood, Birch, Blueberry, Cedar, Cottonwood, Gooseberry, Onion, Pine, Poplar, Popple, the Potato River (a.k.a. Pomme de Terre), Redwood, Rice, Tamarack, and Willow

The railroad runs along the river Through St. Paul, Red Wing, Winona I rode it once down to New Orleans I looked, I walked around, and then came back to winter.

There is a Swift River, a Dark River, a Dead River, a Sandy River, a Mud River, a Rock River, a Swamp River, an Echo River, a Straight River, a Middle River and a Midway River, a Fall River, an Embarrass River, and a Lost River.

The Sunrise, Redeye, and Portage The Root, the Rush, the Royal, The Kettle and the Isabella And finally, a modest stream, the Minnesota.