A Prairie Home Companion Segment 21
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GK: And now a message brought to you by POEM: the Professional Organization of English Majors. It's spring, a time for revels. (SACKBUT) A time to loosen up and dance. (MORRIS DANCING) To imbibe of the essence of barley and hops. (OPEN BOTTLE, HOP HOP HOP). To feel the great romantic impulse. (YES YES YES) But not with just anybody. Not with him, for example.

TR: Where's the party at?!

GK: This man is not the right one.

TR: She said that me and her were going to party.

GK: Don't go with him.

TR: But irregardless I still want to be here.

GK: Tell him you're sorry but you have to go now.

TR: Does that mean I can't get no beer?

GK: Don't answer that question.

TR: I could just lay down and cry. ! GK: Dance and make merry and fall in love, yes, of course, but know with whom the falling will take place. HT: Non parle inglese? You gotta be crazy Anglais--- tres chic That's the language you want to speak

GK: A message from the Professional Organization of English Majors.