A Prairie Home Companion Segment 21
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.....brought to you by Murphy's Plumbing of St. Paul.

GK: Many people are hesitant to call a plumber for fear they'll get one with a degree in engineering who took up plumbing as a hobby (FN: Let me show you what we're going to do here---- we're going to reroute the router and wrap the grommet around the krainis--- HE DRONES ON) and take a plugged toilet and turn it into a major construction project. (SFX: MAJOR PIPE BLOW-OUT,

GUSHING) FN: Okay. I see the problem. Another week

and I'll have it.) What you want is an Irish plumber.

TR (OFF): Holy Mother of God, what a grand mess this is--

-- who put these pipes in, someone from the bingo bus?

GK: They're not fancy but they get the job done. Because they know what they're up to.

TR: Never drop cigarettes in the toilet---- They get soggy and it's very hard to light them. ---


If you're having trouble with your plumbing

And you need to go.

Just call Murphy's and we'll be right over

In an hour or so.

Life's no good when you have plugged-up toilets

Or the shower is cold.

No one fixes plumbing quite like we do

If the truth be told.

TR: Murphy's ---- the number's on the calendar right under the picture of Kilkenny.