A Prairie Home Companion Segment 4
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GK: After a message from Higher Arc Airline. You've probably heard about our First Class service ---- the service that really is First Class because it's limited to one person. One private compartment with two flight attendants to fawn over you (FAWNING) and satisfy your every whim. (FN: Less salt on the peanuts. And more froth on the cappucino. And would you mind peeling these grapes for me? Please!) But Higher Arc has many classes of travel other than First ---- our Nobles class, our Gentry class, our Clergy class, each with its own perks and privileges ---- and, if you're looking to save money, our Serfs & Vassals class. (SS: Back! Back there!!! WHIP. PASSENGER WHIMPERS. Higher Arc achieves dramatic savings for you by employing a passenger compressor. (SFX) Passengers are sedated and padded walls press one hundred bodies into the space formerly occupied by twenty. (ENGINE, WALL PRESSING FLESH INTO SOLID RECTANGLE) If you're willing to travel as inert freight, you can go for just pennies per mile.

HT (SINGS): In the day or in the dark

When you fly, try Higher Arc