A Prairie Home Companion Segment 8 for April 12, 2014
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....brot to you by POEM, the Professional Organization of

English Majors.


I got my degree in poetry

Of the 19th Century - mm hmm

And I spent six months in Williamsburg

Looking around for free-lance work

And learning about poverty

And now I am suddenly . . . .

Heading home

I'm moving home

Heading home

Home, where my high schools friends are

Home, where there is HBO

Home, where the New York Times comes every morning.

I got out of NYU

And writing's what I want to do - mmm hmmm

I wrote a couple book reviews

Wrote a play called Me & You

Started a novella too--

And then my rent was coming due . . . .

Homeward Now

I'm going home

Homeward Now

Home, where my mom does laundry

Home, where they have free coffee

Home, where my dad brings home the groceries for me.

Got a job at Burger King

And spend my nights just wondering....mmmhmmm

Why am I all alone

Working on this silly poem

Will I always be unknown

And will I ever have my own....

My own home

Up in Vermont

My own home

Home in the woods somewhere

Home or a time share

Home where the dog is waiting happily for me......

GK: If life after college is hard, at least you can write about

it. That's the beauty of being an English major. You can

write about misery and maybe earn some money. What can

unemployed lawyers do?

A message from POEM, the Professional Organization of

English Majors.