A Prairie Home Companion Segment 3 for April 12, 2014
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GK: Our show comes to you from West 43rd Street in New York

City, across the street from the Stephen Sondheim Theater,

around the corner from the Belasco on 44th, a stone's throw from

Broadway, and it's been a good year ---- the Globe Theater

productions of Twelfth Night and Richard III starring Mark

Rylance, the terrific dancing in After Midnight ---- and then

there's the lobby at intermission, a show in itself. Here is some

overheard dialogue from Broadway lobbies this past way,

collected by our researcher. (PIANO)

FN: This is better than anything! This is amazing! This has gotta

win a Tony.

SS: I wish I liked her, but I don't. She doesn't convince me.

FN: How can you say that?

SS: I liked it up until that last number. Then I was like, what the

heck is happening? I still like it though. We'll see. It's not as

much fun when you know how it ends.

FN: I heard Obama is on the next street over seeing "A Raisin in

the Sun"!

TR: That's why everything is all blocked off over there. Typical.

DR: There's only one show I ever walked out on, and that was

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. God, I was bored at that show.

SS: This is going to be looooong. I already know I won't have

enough time to pee.

DR: Is there a bar upstairs? If this gets any worse I'm going to

need a drink.

FN: You like it?

TR: It's fun, yeah. Great. I mean, I like the dancing.

FN: Just the dancing?

TR: For a musical, it's okay---- that's all I'm saying.

FN: Oh. Look. Chuck Norris in the front row. Chuck Norris.

How often do you get that? A big star.

SS: Even sitting ten rows back, you can tell she's had work done

on her eyebrows and they are really messed up and the only

reason I would forgive that is if she had an accident or


FN: Maybe she did.

SS: Who you writing to?

DR: Oh... no one.

SS: What?

DR: I'm just checking e-mail.

SS: You know how to delete, don't you? You don't need that

round, don't do that. You don't need to do that.

DR: I just do it my way.

SS: But you can just select and delete all, like this. No, like this.

DR: I like my way.

TR (NY): Oh my gawd, I LOVE that show! ----Oh, that's not

the show? Which one is it then? Really? I never saw it. It was

good though? Really?

DR: I think it's absurd they only have Jack Daniels at the bar.

You would think they would at least have Jameson. $12 for

Jack Daniels. But I guess you get to keep the cup.

SS: I mean thank you, but no thank you. He wasn't bad looking

but he was weird, like an English major or something.

TR (QUIETLY): Please let there be a short person sitting there,

please let there be a short person...

SS: I am dying to see that. I heard it was very good.

FN: Wasn't she depressed? Like, tried to kill herself? I thought I

read that.

SS: She used to be. Now she's on some hormone corrector or

something like that. Anyway, it's supposed to be very good, I

have some of the music on my iPod already.

TR: It's sure got a lot of buzz.

SS: It's good.

FN: It is. It's great. I'd see it again.

SS: I mean, Wicked is still my all-time favorite-oh my god I

just love that show-but this is so fun. I'd totally see it again.

TR: Right.

SS: See? I told you I heard it was good.

FN: Well it is.

TR: Mmhmm.

SS: It's a bit of a spectacle. Kind of in-your-face.

TR: It's fine. Entertaining, at least. Just, I dunno, a bit much."

FN: Well, it's the second act now so we'll just have to see.

SS: Look at the line at the ladies' room. I may have to pee in a


DR: Thirty dollars for a T-shirt??


SS: I've never seen you cry! I am, too!

FN: I told you! Didn't I tell you? I told you! Ohmygawd.

SS: I didn't know what to expect. It's good, right? I think it's

good. I should tell Bob to come to this. He doesn't really like

music, or musicals, or singing really, but I think he would like