GK: It's spring in New York and time at last to sit in the park (BIRDS), watching the world go by. (BICYCLE PASSES W HORN, MAN WALKING WITH DOG ON LEASH) Spring day, temperature in the 50s, runners out (SFX) and skaters (SFX), and the juggler on the unicycle (SFX), and the power walkers (

FN WOMAN, STR IDING, CHANTING UNDER HER BREATH: I AM POWERFUL, I AM WOMAN.), and ever so often a famous person goes by, because it is New York after all.

TR (BLOOMBERG): Hello there, how is your day so far?

GK: It's fine.

TR (BLOOMBERG): Remember me? I used to be your mayor. Mayor Mike.

GK: Yes, of course. How are you doing?

TR (BLOOMBERG): Doing okay. You wouldn't happen to be available for lunch today would you?

GK: I'm not. I'm sorry.

TR (BLOOMBERG): Because my lunch date cancelled. You sure?

GK: I can't.

TR (BLOOMBERG): How about a late lunch? Two? Twothirty?

GK: I'm sorry. ---- (FOOTSTEPS AWAY) A few weeks ago, the wintry blast was whipping New York into submission. (SFX) You think Alaska is cold, try walking down a New York canyon when the wind is gusting from the west (HURRICANE) and it's blowing tourists (SFX) and hot dog wagons (SFX) and dogs (SFX), and snow drifts and packs of wolves on Wall Street (SFX). And then spring. The city comes alive. Guys sitting and drinking out of paper bags. (GRAVEL VOICED GRUMBLING). The folk dancers come out---- the men with the hankies and the bells tied to their legs....

FN (SINGING, LEAPING): I am on my lunch break now So I leap and sing and bow Fa la la la la la la Spring is here, all fresh and raw Even for us in the practice of law Fa la la la la la la.

GK: And a policeman rides by (HORSE HOOFS) and the hurdy-gurdy man with the monkey. (STR EET ORGAN, MONKEY) and a man is playing the saxophone (SFX) and people drop money in his instrument case. It's a very expensive city to live in and it has a high percentage of unemployed people, also known as artists, who live in fivestory walk-up buildings with no uniformed doorman, just a grumpy super.

TR (BUILDING SUPER): Whatcha looking for?

GK: I'd like to see the apartment for rent.

TR: (BUILDING SUPER) Fifth floor to the rear.

GK: Thank you.

TR (SUPER): Elevator's out. Just putting up the sign.

GK: Ah. Okay.

TR (SUPER): Stairs're back there.

GK: Thanks. (SFX FOOTSTEPS, STEADY RHYTHM, TEN STEPS FOR EACH FLOOR) Stairwell is fairly clean. A little dim but I've got an iPhone. (VIOLIN, IN PASSING----KREISLER? THAIS?)

GK: Sounds good. But the name on the door is Kriehn. Not a good violinist name. Kreisler would be better. (PIANO ----IN PASSING ----- DIFFICULT SCALES)

GK: Dworsky. Stravinsky, sure. Wieniawski. Dvorak, okay. Dworsky, I don't know. SS (SINGS): Quand il me prend dans ses bras Il me parle tout bas, Je vois la vie en rose. Il me dit des mots d'amour, Des mots de tous les jours, Et ca me fait quelque chose.

GK: Scott. Not a name for a chanteuse. Probably uses a stage name. La Sotto Voce. Here's the fourth floor, Newman.

FN (SINGS): I don't care about the House or Senate. My only dream is to be Tony Bennett To stand on stage with a mike in hand Next to the band, next to the band.

GK: And the fifth floor-

TR (BLOOMBERG): What about now? We could get a hot dog.

GK: Not right now-Quite a building. What's these stairs here? (FOOTSTEPS) Penthouse? A walk-up penthouse??? (KNOCK ON DOOR) (OPEN) HM: Hi-----

GK: You the one who advertised for a duet partner? HM: Yeah. You sing duets?

GK: Only with other people. What you got? HM: You know this song? (FOR THE BEAUTY OF THE EARTH)