OPEN GK: Our show comes to you from New York City, which means that the people here in Town Hall on West 43rd have had to fight their way through ---- they rode in on the Long Island Railroad (FN INCOMPREHENSIBLE P.A. ANNOUNCE) or they've driven in from Connecticut or New Jersey and there were lanes closed in New Jersey (HORNS, HONKING, ANGRY SHOUTS) and a water main blew up in Manhattan (SFX) so they had to detour through the Upper East Side where there was a motorcade (SIREN) for some Middle Eastern potentate and it took an hour to get to Midtown where they had to park in ramps or lots run by cruel men. (TR NY ACCENT: Hey. Whatsamatter witcha? Did I tell ya to go there?? No I did not. Go there. Ya see the arrow?? Follow the arrow. Jeeze.) or) or they came in by bus to the Port Authority on 42nd Street (FN: Hey, ya want a key chain? How about a Tshirt? Buy one, get one free. Lookit this shot glass. Empire State paperweights. Whaddaya say?) and they've made their way through mobs of people on Times Square to sit in tiny seats here in Town Hall (SQUEEZING INTO SEAT) and see a radio show from Minnesota (TR: Okay then. Real good. How you doin then? Okay.)

They've gone to a lot of trouble to get here and so they're expecting a good show.