A Prairie Home Companion Segment 5 for April 5, 2014
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FRED FARRELL GK: ...brought to you by Fred Farrell Animal Calls. (MONKEY, JUNGLE BIRDS) When it comes to animal calls, there's just one name to trust, and that's Fred Farrell.

TR: This is Fred Farrell. Spring is a wonderful time but it also means that the snow melts and you can see all the little gifts the neighborhood dogs have left on your grass. Well, they don't come around my house anymore, thanks to my motion detectors in front and back yards that set off one of my Predatory Animal Calls. A dog sees the nice green grass and walks over and squats and ----(CONDOR SCREECH) Heh heh. That dog won't be able to move his bowels for a month. Your choice of five calls, including the wild swine (LOW GRUNTS), the cougar (SFX), the black widow spider (TINY SOPRANO VOICE, HUMMING, IN WAIT), the diamondback rattler. (SNAKE RATTLE), and the one you heard first, the carnivorous California condor. It can be a surprise to kids trying to sell magazine subscriptions, or door-to-door evangelists, or if there's a new mailman on the route. And sometimes I come home late from the bar and (CONDOR SCREECH)--- it shakes a person up. But it sure keeps the lawn nice and clean.

GK: Fred Farrell, the name to trust when it comes to animal calls. (MONKEY, JUNGLE BIRDS)