SS: I'm the single mother of four kids and I work three jobs and keep myself fit while doing volunteer work and homeschooling three of the kids and maintaining a passionate love life while breeding purebred buffalo in my spare time. How do I do it? First of all, I fix dinner in advance ---- six months' worth --- and to simplify laundry we all wear identical blue jumpsuits. I multi-task and I'm able to get along on 45 minutes of sleep per night, thanks to the use of pharmaceuticals.

TR: Yes, if you're not using drugs now, maybe you should be.

GK: But I don't know which drugs would be good for me, Doctor.

TR: Try some on weekends when you don't have to be anywhere for a couple days. See which ones make you feel better.

GK: But shouldn't I worry about getting addicted?

TR: Just the fact that you like something a lot doesn't mean you're addicted.

GK: But how do I know that I need drugs?

TR: You do, take my word for it. Drugs can put a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and make you forget everything that happened this morning.

GK: What happened this morning?

TR: Don't think about it.

GK: I don't know. I'm not sure about this.

TR: Don't be so anal. If you are, we have something for that too. Try it. If you don't like it, try something else.


Drugs are good for any occasion

The American Pharmaceutical Foundation.