GK: This was the week of the vernal equinox when light and darkness are equal and it's a time of change when a person's Other Self ---- each of us has an Other ----- and sometimes you shift to the Other, and so today I am dressed in black turtleneck and black beret and I am smoking a Gauloise ---- it is my French self, my other, or as we say in French, autre, And I mention this only so you'll know if I suddenly say something witty and elegant but with a slightly bitter undertone that you don't get, that is where it comes from. And I apologize for the smoke. In French, secondary smoke is la fumee secondaire and it's considered a privilege and nothing to complain about, but anyway. Or as we say in French, de toute facon.

SS: Je suis fou amoureux de toi.

GK : My personal assistant Michelle----

SS: Je vous adore. Vous etes si intelligent, si drole, si elegant.

GK: Je vous adore ----- why would you stand by the door if you want a good view ?

SS: Je suis votre admirateur, votre serviteur. Je suis a toi. Seulement votre. Toujours.

GK : Ehhhh. De toute facon.