GK: After a message from Bertha's Kitty Boutique.

SS: (CAT OWNER TO CAT) (SFX MEOW) Cinnamon, honeyboo, listen to Mommy and get off Mommy's nice white couch. (SFX MEOW) Cinnamon, you know our rules. Yes, you do. Don't look at me that way. (MEOW) Mommy is talking to you. (SFX ANGRY MEOW) I have had just about enough of this attitude ----(SFX SCARY HISS). Oh my . . .

GK: What do you do when your cat talks back? Do you get out a chair and a whip? (WHIP SFX, LION'S ROAR) Do you call in the dogs? (PACK OF GUARD DOGS) Do you force a tranquilizer down her throat? (CAT GAGGING) --- No. In a few easy lessons you can learn the art of cat hypnosis. (SITAR) Simply by making steady eye contact with your cat and humming (SS HUM) and waving your tail back and forth (SFX) ---- the battery-powered 4-foot tail attaches to your belt and mesmerizes the cat so that she will follow your every direction. (SS QUIETLY: Get down from the couch, Cinnamon.....(CAT TRANCE MEOW) walk across the floor and into the kitchen (TRANCE MEOW).....bow to Mommy. Nice deep bow. (TRANCE MEOW).....Say, I love you, Mommy. (CAT MURMUR).....I can't hear you. I love you, Mommy. (CAT: I WUV)...

SS: ...I love you, Mommy. (CAT: I WUV YOU MOMMY).

GK: You can achieve 100% obedience and you can unlock your cat's hidden potential (SS: Climb up on the toilet seat, Cinnamon, MEOW) .....with cat hypnosis using the battery-operated tail.

TR (VERY FAST, SEMI-UNINTELLIGIBLE): Triple A batteries not included, some assembly required. Made in China. Not to be used by persons under 18. Not available in New Jersey. Bertha's is not responsible for personal injury due to irresponsibility. Includes small parts that could cause choking if ingested.

GK: From Bertha's Kitty Boutique......for persons who care about cats.