Back where I come from, it snows in April,

It's not what you wanted, but it's what you got

You don't shovel your walk but you wish that your neighbor'll

Cause it's not just a little snow, it is a whole lot.

We don't complain, because what can you say?

We put on a warm coat and just march forth.

Even in an April snow, we are okay.

We were brought up to be okay here in the North.

If it snows in April, we just say, "Mercy."

If it snows in May, we say, "For pity's sake."

God knows there is something a whole lot worse He

Could do. Anything short of that, we can take.

Minnesota is Minnesota, California it ain't.

We can have a good time just looking at paint

And when the crocuses come and tulips, and purple


We feel joyful, though it's nothing we would