GK: And now . . . a message from the Professional Organization of English Majors.

Text messaging and the chat box have been rough on English, on punctuation and spelling, and also on the subjunctive. The subjunctive: expressing wishful thinking, desire, possibility, the hypothetical. The verb tense of romance.

SS: Hi. I feel as if I know you from somewhere. Might we have been in a library together at one time, reading books at adjacent tables?

GK: I wish it were true.

SS: I would give anything if you were an English major.

GK: And if I were, could you tread softly knowing that I have spread my dreams under your feet like the embroidered cloths of heaven?

SS: And dare I dream that the man I love were able to accurately quote William Butler Yeats.

GK: If I may be so bold: might you be willing to join me in a small cabin of clay and wattles made there in the bee-loud glade?

SS: If you mean now, I would have to say yes, but you must take me in your arms immediately lest I change my mind.

GK: The Subjunctive. Suggestive. Subtle. Wouldn't you like to use it this afternoon? A message from the Professional Organization of English Majors.