.....brought to you by Austin Phosphorous Sauce, made from possum sausage, sassafras, and squash blossoms. If you feel ostracized due to exhaustion it's possible that a paucity of phosphorus deposits may be the cause. Austin Phosphorus Sauce is the low-cost sauce known for its astonishing viscosity. Now in six flavors: cinnamon, licorice, sassafras, apricot, ricotta, and frosted Pentacostal.

And brought to you by Lloyd's Sunrise Motel.

FN: This is Lloyd. At my motel, we're proud of the fact that we wash the used sheets and towels every day. We don't reuse the bedding just because it looks okay. Can other motels make the same promise? If so, why don't they say so in their advertising? When you crawl in between the sheets at night, do you want to be sleeping in the same bed with some smelly old truckdriver or sheepherder? I personally would not. And that's why I sleep at Lloyd's Sunrise Motel just west of Waco on the Interstate. It means driving a little farther but it's worth it for the peace of mind. And our rooms are 100% tarantula and lizard-free. That's Lloyd's Sunrise Motel. No swimming pool but we have a sprinkler.