GK: All of our guests travelled to Austin courtesy of from Cisco Airlines. It flies only to Austin, no connecting flights to Dallas, Houston, or San Antonio. Just Austin.


FN: (P.A.) This is your captain Bobby Buzzhardt speaking. We're expecting a smooth flight to Austin today cause if we weren't I would not be flying. No, sir. I am not certified to fly in any type of turbulence. If you saw me as you boarded the plane, let me say that, no, this is not my real hair color and the tattoo on my left shoulder of flames should not be taken literally. Okay then. Laylani will be your flight attendant today and as she comes through the cabin she'll be serving complimentary tequila shots ---- I had a couple and it's really great stuff ---- and she'll also be selling copies of my CD, I'm Getting Wind Shear From You. I'd be happy to autograph those at any time during the flight. Okay. Tora! Tora! Tora! (JET ENGINE REV).

GK: That's Austin Airlines. When Austin's the only place you want to go.