GK: Coming up later on many of these stations, another episode of HOLD ON---- the tumult of love in the country music business.

TR: It was nice of our label to throw a party for us, Joelle.

SS: I wonder if they know that you're going into rehab.

TR: I'm putting off rehab until after the tour.

SS: That's not gonna work, Wyatt, and you know it.

TR: I promised Michaela I'd produce her demo.

SS: Wyatt?

TR: Yes?

SS: I have to tell you something. I've decided to change my music.

TR: But why? We're on top of the charts.

SS: I didn't say change our music---- I said, change MY music.

TR: Oh. You mean------

SS: Wyatt, I've gotten involved with Tristan.

TR: Tristan our manager?????

SS: Yes.

TR: How could you?

FN: Because she loves me, Wyatt. That's why.

TR: Tristan! Where did you come from?

SS: I asked him to be here. We need to talk.

FN: You've been drinking too many mimosas, pal. Time for rehab.

TR: You double-crosser.

SB: Hi. Did I hear my name mentioned?

TR: Joelle's leaving me, Michaela. For Tristan.

FN: This doesn't concern you, Michaela. Would you mind butting out?

SB: All I know is that I've got to cut a demo and Wyatt said he'd help.

TR: I will. You know I will.

SS: When did you two get all lovey-dovey? Huh?

TR: What's that supposed to mean?

SD: What's all the commotion over here?

SS: Connor. I tried to call you last night. Wyatt's going into rehab.

SD: So the tour is cancelled?

SB: You were going on tour with her? You never told me--

FN: Nobody's going on tour. Joelle and I are going to Barbados. She needs time to heal.

TR: I've been meaning to give you this, Joelle.

SS: I don't want it.

TR: It's a video of you and Connor.

SD: Me????

FN (LADY): You leave Connor out of this.

SB: Twyla!! I thought you were history!

FN (LADY): You are history, Michaela. I found these pills in your purse.

SD: Michaela! You told me you'd stopped!

SS: Welcome to the real world, Connor.

TR (WOMAN): Why are you giving me the cold shoulder, Tristan?

FN: Isabella-----please-----I can't deal with you now.

TR (WOMAN): You never could deal with me. What's this I hear about a $17,000 engagement ring??

SD: You said you would never tell, Isabella. I trusted you.

SB: So ---- Connor ---- you've been two-timing me all along.

FN (LADY): So he bought her the engagement ring even though there is a video of her with him---- Interesting.

SB: I thought you were the one, Connor. All my life I dreamed I'd have a man who would buy a house with me and we'd share a dog and we'd do stuff together. How wrong I was.

SS: Give me the video, Wyatt. Now.

TR: All we need is a fresh start, Joelle. Our record is No. 1. And from now on, you're No. 1 in my heart.

FN: Don't believe him.

SD: All along I wanted to take things slow. But she said she couldn't wait.

TR (WOMAN): I was there for you after your heart attack. And now this---- I don't know what to think.

SB: I love you, Connor. Even if you don't love me. Dump me on the ground and I'll still wait for you. Forever.

SS: You can't keep blaming yourself for your brother's disappearance, Wyatt. You just can't.

FN (LADY): Hold on. That's all we can do is just Hold On.


GK: HOLD ON, coming up later on many of these stations.