GK: From West Texas (MOO), comes a coffee like none you've ever tasted before ---- (FN SINGS: WACO) --- dark (CHORD), rich (CHORD), mysterious (CHORD), made from coffee beans grown on low bushes on the lone prairie, picked by chickens (SFX), and then roasted over creosote fires (SFX) and ground underfoot (SFX) ----FN SINGS: WACO) --- coffee is made for people who want to keep their memory sharp (DING), their mind acute (WHIPLASH), their speech fluent (FN BASQUE). If you want the best then ask for it by name. (TR: FRENCH APPRECIATION, INCL "WACO") SS WHISPERY: Stay awake with Waco.


For goodness sake, O

Try Waco Coffee

It's awfully good

From Texas.