GK: America is the land of giants. (BIG FEET WALKING ACROSS LANDSCAPE. HO HO HO HO HO) Six heirs to the WalMart fortune own more wealth than the bottom 40% of the American people. Six people worth 89 billion. It's like you're on a plane and a 10,000 pound person walks on (FN: Excuse me. Excuse me. SQUEEZING PAST PEOPLE. TR, SS REACT. FN: Excuse me, got to get to the toilet. SQUEEZING PAST. SQUEEZING.) Meanwhile, there's Amazon, the bookstore that expanded to sell home appliances (SFX) and bicycles (BEEP BEEP) and golf clubs (SWING), watches (TICKING), cellphones (RING), baby clothes (BABY), beauty products (SQUORT SQUORT), wine (POURING), power tools (SFX), motorcycles (SFX), printers (SFX), musical instruments (SAX, TABLA, KOTO), hunting equipment (SHOTGUN), pet supplies (MEOW).

Meanwhile, Google grows. Last week, the great Google search engine was slow. People had to wait as long as a minute or two for the results. (FN ELDERLY: THIS IS SO AGGRAVATING. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? I'M GOOGLING AND IT WON'T GOOGLE. WHAT'S WRONG? STILL LOADING!? OH FORGET IT I DON'T HAVE TIME TO STAND AROUND LIKE THIS??)


GK: (FN OLD: What is my name and my address?), and meanwhile in the Columbia River gorge the giant turbines turn (SFX) to power the enormous search engines (ELECTRONICS) so that we can find out: What are the words of "Sugar Sugar"? How do I get to Vancouver? How do I make ratatouille? How big is the moon? What is the French for "afternoon"? How do I spell "Picayune"? (FAST GIBBERISH, FADES UNDER)

GK: And that is why we need wilderness. (QUIET WIND, DISTANT BIRDS) Acadia National Park (SURF) The Appalachian Trail (EAGLE) The Presidential Range. Places where rich people can't land their jets. Where you don't need household appliances. Where laptops don't work so well. (CELLPHONE RING)

FN: Sorry.

GK: Why don't you leave that back there in the car?

FN: I can't. I'm sorry. I need it.

GK: You don't.

FN: I can't live without it.

GK: Okay, then throw it up in the air.

FN: In the air?

GK: High up in the air.


GK: There. Now you can get along without it. Wilderness. Have a good summer.