GK: Let's talk about coolness for a moment. The road to cool used to be simple----you smoked cigarettes, you were cool, but now the world is a no-smoking area, so what do you do? Body piercings. At Body Beautiful Punch Press we can install a full set for less than $100 in just two minutes ---- watch ---- left earlobe (PUNCH), right earlobe (PUNCH), left nostril (SFX), right nostril (SFX)-----tongue (SLOW PUNCH, WINCE) FN: SORRY. -----and eyebrow (SFX) and here's a neck ring (JUICY PUNCH) and a nipple ring (SFX) and the other one (SFX) and how about down here?

TR: Down where?

GK: Here. (PUNCH, TR JUMPS) You're all set. Just bathe in salt water twice a day for six months, and you should be fine.

TR: Thanks. When can I sit down?

GK: Maybe October.


It's the way to get attention

Just come in and let us pierce

Lips and nose and tongue and ears.

And places we won't mention.