MISC - Part 1

GK: Graduation time is upon us and the question of employment comes up and careers ----- think about this: the most dangerous and worst-paid occupations are fishing (CAST, REEL), mining (JACKHAMMER), lumbering (CHAINSAW), and roofing (HAMMER). And the least dangerous and most remunerative (TYPING) ----- writing best-selling novels. One more reason why your child should major in English. A message from POEM......

MISC - Part 2

GK: If your college graduate is looking for work, maybe he or she should head for Seattle, where there are many openings in the fishing industry (CAST, REEL), mining (JACKHAMMER), lumbering (CHAINSAW), and roofing (HAMMER). Unemployed? Try Seattle. It's booming. And it's a city of readers, so writers are welcome too (TYPING).

MISC - Part 3

GK: This portion of our show brought to you by No-Flow Toilets. When you're serious about conserving water, you want a toilet that doesn't use any. How does it work? A powerful vacuum sucks it up (SFX) and a powerful explosive blows it out the chimney. (SFX) No water. None. People love it. (DOORBELL, DOOR OPENS. FN KID: Hi. Can we come in and use your toilet? FN: Of course.) (VACUUM, EXPLOSION) The No-Flow Toilet. From Green Inc.