GK: Memorial Day weekend is the beginning of summer back where I'm from. Winter ended a few weeks ago back where I came from ----- one last big blizzard (BLIZZARD, WOLVES), and then the snow melted (SFX) and the basement flooded (FOOTSTEPS IN WATER) and we had to buy the big sump pump (SFX) and an enormous fan (SFX) but still mildew got a hold and enormous fungi grew in the corners (SFX) and triggered allergies we never had before (BIG BUILD TO HUGE SNEEZE) and we had to move into a sanitorium run by nuns (CHANTING) in Tucson as our home was fumigated (SFX) and when we moved back that was when the sudden dizzy spells started (SFX) and the sudden outbursts of whooping -----

FN: Glad you could come over, Pastor Bob ---- can I get you a cup of WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP coffee or how about a glass of WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP lemonade?

GK: But they have medication for the Whoops now, and it makes you a little drowsy (FN TALKING SLOWER, DEEPER) But summer is drowsy anyway. We lead a quiet life, keeping the grass mowed (SFX) and the hedge trimmed (SFX) and getting in some fishing. (CAST, REEL SPINS, DISTANT SPLASH, REEL IN). Play some golf. (GOLF SHOT, CROWD OOOHHHH, SPLASH) Go to a NASCAR race.

GK: (RACE CARS PASS, IN CLUSTERS, AT 150 MPH) And on Memorial Day weekend, we go up to the cabin and we take the boards off the windows (SFX) and we put the dock in (SFX) and we chase the raccoons out of the cabin (SFX) and we vacuum up the mouse poop (SFX) and we sit on the porch in the swinging bench (SFX) and we pick up the old harmonica that we got for Christmas years ago and we try to remember a tune (HOWARD BEGINNER HARMONICA) and then someone asks us to stop and we turn on the radio.

Sit on the porch and look out at the lake and listen to the radio and hope they're playing something good.