GK: ....after a word from the Organization of Associated Federations.....and the National Velcro Administration Board.

TR: Velcro (RIP) -----one of the great inventions of the 20th century. Velcro is what holds our lives together. It keeps our shoes tied, our tents sealed, and industrial-strength Velcro keeps these pallets secure on a forklift (FORKLIFT), Velcro secures oil rigs to the ocean floor (WAVES CRASHING) and it's what keeps the engines on that airliner ---- take a look out the window (JET TURBINE). But it's noisy. (RIP) You sit in church and you don't dare open up your wallet (VELCRO), you come home late and you don't dare take off your shoes for fear of waking up your wife (TENTATIVE VELCRO OPENING, ATTEMPT TO DO IT IN SMALL INCREMENTS). Say hello to Silent Velcro. It has millions of little air pockets inside each tiny hook to absorb sound. Silent Velcro lets you zip up your jacket or adjust your fly privately. Will Silent Velcro hold as well as regular Velcro ----- let's see----- we'll put this silent Velcro billfold on the side of this ship (ENGINE, SLOWING) as it comes into the dock ---- and it lines up with the Velcro attached to the dock (SFX) and it docks and (SLIGHT BUMP) and it holds tight. Silently. Ask for it when you shop. Say, "I'd like that with Silent Velcro please."

GK: A word from the National Velcro Administration Board.....a member of the Association of Federated Organizations.