GK: ....after a message from Denise Driscoll, D.D.S. Dr. Driscoll charges less than half what other dentists charge ---- how? By not having a dentist's office with all of that overhead. No dentist's chair that goes up and down or the big overhead lamp. No dental hygienist. Dr. Driscoll works in Grand Central Station in the waiting area by Track 27 and carries everything she needs in a small toolbox. The probes, the picks, the scalers, the hypodermics, and of course the electric drill.

SS: Turn your head a little to the left. Good. Would you mind holding the flashlight. Hmmmm. All right. Hmm. Hold still. (DRILL)

TR (P.A., UNDER.....): Melrose. Scarsdale. White Plains. Valhalla. Pleasantville. Chappaqua. Katonah. Croton Falls.

GK: She can do the work in the waiting room or if you're in a hurry, she can work on you on the Lexington Avenue subway. (BING BONG, FN: Watch for the closing doors, please.) (BUMP AND RATTLE OF SUBWAY UNDER......)

SS: Okay, open wide. Little bit of a cavity here. No need for novocaine. Hold still. Put your tongue over there. Hold still. (DRILL, JUMPS AROUND A LITTLE, TO BUMPS) You're doing just great. Little more over here. Hold still. (DRILL, GOUGES) There. Got it. You okay?

GK: You save money and you save time. Give her a call and she'll arrange to meet you. On a bus, in a cab, at your office, in the park, or aboard the 9:18 to Poughkeepsie.


TR: Next station stop.....Dobbs Ferry. Dobbs Ferry, next station stop.

SS: Hold still. Open wide. That's right. Good. (DRILL)

GK: Dr. Denise Driscoll, DDS ---- University of Phoenix School of Dentistry.