GK: It was chilly this week in New York, and then suddenly on Friday the sun came out and daffodils were popping up (POPPING), people were cleaning their apartment windows (SQUEAKING), and cats sat in the windows (TREMULOUS MEOW) watching the songbirds arrive in New York (SFX), and the birders in Central Park stood with the binoculars identifying them (FN WOMAN: That is an American coot. FN MAN: Where? FN WOMAN: Sitting on the park bench reading the Times.), women in high heels came walking down the street (HIGH HEELS WALKING). Tall New York women in black slacks that told you they'd spent the winter doing leg lifts and crunches (FN WOMAN: What you looking at? What's your problem?) Boys on skateboards swoop in and out of traffic. (SFX) And the kids with the clipboards are back. (FN (YOUNG, OFF): Hi! How are you today! Do you care about starving children? No? Okay, have a nice day!) A couple of them every few blocks. (FN: Do you care about the African elephant? No? Have a nice day. ) The sidewalk cafes are open for business. (FN WOMAN: I ordered the Nicoise, she ordered the cheeseburger.) (TRAFFIC) So you walk into the park where the joggers are going by (SFX) with their dogs (SFX) and the skaters (SFX) and the bicyclists (SFX) and you see two dog owners make a connection, just because it's spring. (FN DEEP: Hi. FN LADY: Oh. Hi. FN DEEP: Want to get a coffee? FN LADY: Well. I'm supposed to be at a meeting. But okay.)

GK: And they stop at the Mister Softee truck (SFX) and get cones. And their dogs know that this is wrong (BARKING), it'll never work out (GROWLING) ---- the dogs can see ---- these two are going to hook up and bring each other a whole lot of grief (SNARLING), but what can you do? It's spring. At the zoo, the seals are in love (SFX) and the monkeys on their island (SFX) and the peacocks (SFX) and the polar bear is in love (SFX). And out in the harbor, humpback whales migrate north, singing to each other. (WHALE SINGING) And the two dog owners walk along, engrossed in each other (DEEP MURMURS, SOPRANO MURMURS) and their dogs know better, they know it can't last, but they're keeping their mouths shut. The owners go up in the elevator (DEEP MURMURS, SOPRANO REPLY) and they shut the dogs in the kitchen and disappear. (DOGS TALKING) And the dogs work it out. You get that bowl, this is mine. You sleep in the breakfast nook, you sleep on the couch. And then the dogs see that the front door was left open,---- so they leave their owners ---- they call the elevator (SFX) and head out. Back to the park. An opera singer is singing by the Belvedere Castle (SFX) and a man is dancing the salsa with a life-sized puppet woman attached to his shoes (SFX), and a koto player is playing (SFX). It's New York. All sorts of things happen here.