I'm grateful for this mattress

Where I sleep at night

And for the person near me

Laudate dominus.

And for this steamy shower

Soap and sweet shampoo

And this soft white towel

Laudate dominus

I'm grateful for the sweater

Jeans and underwear

The stockings and the sneakers

Laudate dominus

Praise God for this banana

Sliced on my bran flakes

And for this cup of coffee

Laudate dominus

Praise God for repetition

And simple harmony

Another winter morning

Laudate dominus.

Forgive us our trespasses

And our fickle hearts

Thank you for your kindness

Laudate dominus


Though the bus be crowded

Though the music loud

Though the work be stressful

Laudate dominus.

Though the news be dismal

Though my friends be sad

Even in confusion

Laudate dominus.

For this soup and salad

For this cup of tea

For this peaceful table

Laudate dominus.

For this final chorus

For this company

For thy grace and kindness

Laudate dominus.