We've thrived on three months of winter

Endured it without a complaint,

For we are true Minnesotans

And delicate people we ain't.

We love to see the snow falling

Our spirits begin to renew

Now we pray for that day, maybe Monday,

When the snowplows cannot make it through.

On that morning we'll put on our parkas

And enjoy a bitter cold day,

The tree limbs stark and dramatic

The sky a cold cloudy gray.

The wind picks up and we smile,

We laugh at the hard freezing rain.

For we are northern people

And we're happier when we're in pain.

Some people complain about winter,

The fancy and the effete,

The people who love New Age music

The people who cook with mesquite.

The people who use the word "network"

And I know that it's not nice to say

But that is the beauty of winter

It keeps all those people away.

In summer you get the illusion

That life must be gentle and warm,

But wisdom comes to us in winter

When we have to stay home in the storm.

When the blizzard comes out of the northwest,

You cannot do as you would do.

So winter is when nature teaches

That the world is not here to please you.

We stand with our long jumper cables

Dressed in our snowmobile suits,

Wearing our scarves and our mittens

And gigantic double-lined boots.

In summer we're selfish and spoiled,

But winter is good for the heart.

No matter how cold it is, neighbor,

We'll come out and give you a start.