GK: It's been hot this week. People who normally don't break a sweat are sweating. No breeze. Lawns are turning brown, or yellow, or white. The bugs are worse. You feel weak and depressed by the heat and then a deer fly comes after you (SFX) and it's almost more than you can stand. (GUNSHOT. PAUSE. DEERFLY. THREE SHOTS.) Got him. Heat does things to people.

My life goes on in mid-July
It's hotter than the blazes
I think: What if today I die?
The questions that it raises.
When I fly off to worlds unknown
Will it be like September
Will I have friends, or sit alone
On a pile of embers?

And life goes on and on and on
Next to the air conditioner
No one in town can water their lawn
So says the water commissioner.
We watch the perspiration run.
We're sweating in our undies.
The fish aren't biting and no one
Goes to church on Sunday.


GK: The heat makes people testy. Some marriages teeter on the brink. Cellphones go crazy in the heat. Picnics are cancelled. Baking stops. Too much misery. (DEERFLY. SLAP. PAUSE. DEERFLY. LIGHT MATCH. SIZZLE OF FUSE. EXPLOSION.)

The heat goes on and on and on,
The temperature is creeping.
It's two o'clock, I sit and yawn:
How can I keep from sleeping?

The temperature's a hundred four
I feel like I am eighty.
I go to movies I abhor
Just because it's shady.

At evening when the sun goes down
At least by ten or eleven,
People start to move around,
The porch is almost heaven.
The ice cubes jingle in the glass,
The wind chimes gently ringing,
Sitting on the cool green grass
I almost feel like singing.