1. Grandeur

TR: Welcome to Interlochen Center for the Arts, in northwestern Michigan, summer home to 2,500 arts students including several who may become wealthy, and for years be getting letters from the Alumni office containing little envelopes, how happy they were here, on the shores of Green Lake, enjoying intellectual stimulation and truly excellent pizzas.

2. Hurry

TR: Six-thirty and students bound out of bed at reveille and put on clean blue shirts and dark shorts and red socks for a day of rehearsal and lessons. But first beds are neatly made, journals are hidden, and rooms are made shipshape. Time for breakfast, a tofu scramble with a side of quinoa [keen-wah].

3. Wide open spaces

TR: Summer afternoon at Interlochen; time to write letters home sharing with your parents the delights of the artistic life, even though you're fifteen hundred into your overdraft protection, but it's no problem, because you can get work dacing at the Wriggly Pig this summer. They will send a check by Friday.

4. Tango

TR: Night falls on the woods as students board the big green buses for a taste of high culture in Traverse City. Townspeople watch the students closely, knowing that Interlochen students represent the cutting edge of contemporary youth. That is why their clothing, their speech, their dance moves, their hairstyles, are widely imitated as far away as Saginaw and Kalamazoo.

5. Sum

TR: It's time to say farewell to Interlochen, a beacon of hope where students strive for world peace through the Universal Language of the Arts, and have a whee of a time doing it. We'll take warm memories of the camp and its rustic cabins, each housing up to 15 artists, many of whom will live as lonely hermits in the years to come. But if you need a friend, you'll find one......at the Alumni Office. Keep in touch.