GK: ....brought to you by the CTA, the Chicago Transit Authority.

Will there be many cars-- many cars around town
When at evening the sun's going down?
As I head home from work
Will they drive me berserk?
Will there be many cars around town?

TR: Offering more than 140 bus routes and more than two hundred miles of rail, the CTA serves 750,000 satisfied customers a week. The bus lines are color-coded for convenience, and trains run frequently and cost less than two and a half dollars each way. Buses offer transfers for only a quarter. The CTA has even put GPS in our buses. So now you can track them from the privacy of your home internet box!

Will there be many cars ---- many cars around town
At the sound of the evening bell?
Will the streets in the Loop
Be like beef noodle soup?
Should I give up and go on the El?

TR: Voted one of the 7000 wonders of the world, the elevated system includes eight rail lines stretching as far as Evanston and Skokie and providing convenient service to beautiful O'Hare and Midway airports. Convenient transit cards are available from easy-to-operate vending machines in every station.

Will there be many cars----many cars around town
Will the rush hour slow me down?
Will they be numerous
Should I take train or bus?
Will there be many cars around town?

TR: Comfortable, reliable, convenient, the Chicago Transit Authority ---- ready to take you to Hyde Park, Navy Pier, Wrigley Field, or Lincoln Square ---- without the stress of worrying about parking. Improve air quality, reduce congestion, and save money. The CTA.

Ride the CTA, it will go all the way.
There are too many cars in this town.