GK: It is summer, a beautiful summer. It's a hot day, cicadas in the trees (SFX), and the dog is barking slow (SFX). The mosquitoes are everywhere (SFX), especially in the heat of late afternoons and early evenings. You sit out on the porch under a ceiling fan (SFX) and it's a screened porch and you put out a water sprinkler to keep bugs away (SPRINKLER) but one mosquito always gets through the anti-aircraft fire and into the porch (SFX), a mosquito with a white silk scarf around its neck, and you kill him (SLAP) and a minute later he recovers and (SFX) he's up around your hair. You get a bug bomb (SPRAY) and that doesn't discourage him ---- he is about the size of a fruit bat (MOSQUITO), he's a world-record mosquito and he is coming in at 2 o'clock behind you (SFX) and you grab the other bug bomb and you pull the rip cord (EXPLOSION) and that ought to do him but it just blows him out through the screen, opening up a giant hole and a thousand mosquitos fly in (SFX) and you go indoors (DOOR SLAM) and you turn on the TV, which is NASCAR (SFX) and you wstch that for awhile, and then you feel like getting in the car yourself and going for a ride. (REV) So you head down to the gas station to fill up. This is a big old SUV so you turn it off while filling because otherwise it can get ahead of the pump. It's a gas guzzler. You walk in to get you a Dr. Pepper and there is a debutante who's been stuffed into a taffeta dress, she's wearing elastic pantyhose, her legs look like two bratwursts, and as she bends over to get a candy bar (SQUEAK, BOINGGG) you can hear her underwear stretching, Another debutante stands nearby, she is using the air hose to inflate her hair (SFX).

GK: You get in the car and you drive (SFX) and it's that time of year when animals are going crazy and there's no way to avoid hitting them ----- you drive along and you hit a jack rabbit (SFX), an armadillo (SFX), a bullfrog (SFX), a muffeletta (SFX), a buzzard carrying a muffuletta (SFX), and then straight ahead you see him flying toward you----- the mosquito with the white scarf ----- coming straight at you (SFX) and you swerve to avoid him (SCREECH) and you hit a tree (SCREECH, CRUNCH, STEAM). And heaven is a lot like Shreveport. Cicadas in the trees (SFX) and the dog is barking slow (SFX) and no mosquitoes. You wait for one and you don't hear one. Just the sprinkler. (SFX)