GK: We're in beautiful eastern North Carolina, a few hours from the Outer Banks (FOGHORN) and Kitty Hawk where the Wright Brothers (ENGINE STARTING, REV) flew their little biplane and the success of that historic flight in 1903 (PLANE TAKING OFF) is what led to the bombing of cities (SFX) and Hiroshima (SFX) and the airline industry (FN LADY ON P.A.: Thank you for your patience. We are still waiting for maintenance to come and sign off on the problem and then we'll be able to take off).

There was a story in the NY Times on Wednesday that mentioned Raleigh -- in Raleigh, 41% of adults have college degrees ---- so it's prospering. But if you're thinking of moving here ----- remember they're looking for people with degrees in STEM areas, Science Technology Engineering Math, not English majors ----

FN: The coefficient of the krainis times the interior CPU vector when you buffer the burner....

SS: Times the external stress of 428.6 here in the core values of the peripheral armature download.....

GK: Those are the people they want here, not singer songwriters-----North Carolina is a beautiful state with a lovely climate, but if you're thinking about moving here, remember there are snakes. (SFX) You can't live in North Carolina without having a close encounter with a snake.

SS: Oh Bob....yes......oh my gosh.....o bob O bob

TR: Oh Jennifer......I love you, I love you, I love you (PASSIONATE MURMURS)----

SS: BOB-----

TR: Oh Jennifer-----

SS: BOB-----

TR: (PAUSE) What?

SS: Is that you?

TR: Is what me?

SS: That-----

TR: What?

SS: What I'm touching right now.

TR: I don't feel anything.


GK: Durham is the home of Duke and Chapel Hill is the home of University of North Carolina and Raleigh is the home of North Carolina State and you must be loyal to one of them and this is not a casual thing. It's like Catholics vs. Protestant except its serious. A UNC person cannot fall in love with a Duke person. It simply is not going to work. And North Carolina State is for people who are into NASCAR racing. (FAST FLURRY OF CARS PASSING AT HIGH SPEED) So be careful who you fall in love with because there are some real barriers here.

Some people here have odd names and that's just a fact.

FN: Good morning, I'm Dr. Goodwin, your gynecologist, you can call me Booger.

SS: Call you what?

FN: Booger. That's what everyone calls me. You comfortable there in the stirrups?

SS: Do you mind if I call you Dr. Goodwin?

FN: Dr. Goodwin is my father. You can just call me Booger.

SS: Okay........That's not your Christian name, is it?

FN: Christian name is Jim Bob.

SS: Oh. Jim Bob was the name of an old boyfriend of mine.

FN: I see.

SS: Okay, Booger ---- let's get the show on the road.

FN: That's the spirit.