TR (DRONING, OFF): Amber A. Anderson. Amber B Anderson. Amber D. Anderson, Amber L. Anderson, Amber N. Anderson. Amy Anderson. Amy S. Anderson. A. V. Anderson. Ava M. Anderson. Avery N. Anderson.

SS: (DEEP SIGH): Looks like it's gonna be a while, huh? It's so hot out here in this black gown. I feel like I'm gonna faint. (FLY)

GK: You want some water? I brought some.

SS: Really? Are you sure?

GK: Sure.

SS: Gosh. Thanks. (GLUGGING) Wow. You saved my life.

GK: My pleasure.

TR (DRONING, OFF): Betty Anderson. Billie Jo K. Anderson. Bonnie J. Anderson. Brent A. Anderson.

SS: Nobody's clapping. Isn't that sad? You work for four years, cramming for finals, staying up all night, and you go a hundred thousand dollars in debt and you walk up front to get your degree and there isn't even applause. This is like a funeral or something. It's so sad.

GK: I'm Jared, by the way. I don't think we've met.

SS: I'm Julie.

GK: Nice to meet you, Julie.

SS: You, too.

TR (DRONING, OFF): Bruce A. Anderson. Buck K. Anderson, Caitlyn R. Anderson. Cathryn M. Anderson.

GK: What's your last name?

SS: Youngblood. What's yours?

GK: Zimmerman.

SS: Aha. So we're in for the long haul.

GK: I guess so.

TR (DRONING): David P. Anderson. Donald K. Anderson.



SS: Look--those people are leaving. Over there. They got their diplomas and now they're getting in their cars and leaving so they can get to their job interviews while we sit here baking in the sun. So much for school spirit.

GK: Strange that you and I have been in school together for four years, and now on the last day we meet. Like it was fate or something. Julie Youngblood and Jared Zimmerman. Together at last. What's your major?

SS: Communications. Yours?

GK: English.

SS: Oh. I was thinking of English but then---- I chose Communications because this guy I knew was in Communications and-----

GK: So he was somebody you really-----

SS: Yeah, but it didn't work out. We just didn't have anything to say to each other.

GK: Oh. Well-----

SS: Whereas you and me-----

GK: Yeah.

SS: I feel like you and I---- that---- you know----- we-----

GK: I feel that way too.

SS: Right? Awesome.

TR (DRONING): Evan P. Anderson, Evan S. Anderson, Frances R. Anderson, Frank B. Anderson, F. Donald Anderson.... (DRONING)

SS: So what are you doing after this?

GK: Why, you wanna go out?

SS: No, I mean after graduation? What's your plan?

GK: Well, I'm going to move in with my folks and look for a job and I'm going to finish my memoir.

SS: You're writing a memoir---- wow, that's cool.

GK: Well, I'm sort of just starting on it.

SS: What's it called?

GK: It's called Waiting.

SS: Uh huh. What's it about?

GK: It's just sort of the story of my life. Growing up in the suburbs. Waiting to get out and start my life.

SS: Huh. Sounds good. I'd like to read it.

GK: I'll send it to you. Where are you going to be?

SS: I don't know. I was thinking maybe Spain.

GK: Wow.

SS: I took three years of Spanish.


GK: Muy bueno.

SS: You speak Spanish?

GK: Un poco.

SS: Fantastico. Usted habla muy bien el espanol.

GK: Gracias. (A BEAT)

SS: I just love Hispanic people. They're so... authentic, you know?

GK: I've heard that.

SS: Right? They so totally are.

TR (DRONING, OFF): Garrett T. Anderson. Ginger P. Anderson. Greg F. Anderson. Greg S. Anderson. Holly P Anderson. Ian M. Anderson. Ian R. Anderson. Jake H. Anderson. John B. Anderson. John Irwing Anderson. John J Anderson. John K Anderson....

GK: Maybe we should live together.

SS: What?

GK: Instead of moving in with our parents.

SS: You mean be roommates?

GK: Or whatever. We could see how it goes.

SS: Are you hitting on me?

GK: I just feel like there's something between us. I think something very important is taking place here. It's like the speaker said, there are moments in your life that will change you forever.

SS: He said that?

GK: She.

SS: The speaker was a she?

GK: Yes. She said that life is adapting to a change in plans. And that we should dare to dream.

SS: I must have dozed off.

GK: You did. You lay your head on my shoulder and dared to dream.

SS: Really?

GK: Really. Let's get a place and live together.

SS: I don't know...Are you messy? Do you smoke?

GK: Do you?

SS: Sometimes.

GK: Then we can smoke together.

TR (DRONING): Kelly K. Anderson. Kyle Anderson. Kyle B. Anderson, Laurie P. Anderson. Laurie T. Anderson.

GK: Let's go. I want to be with you.

SS: But what about-----

GK: I've got the graduation app on my iphone. They send your certificate to the cloud, you can download it from anywhere and print it out.

SS: Really? Wow.

GK: Let's go.

SS: Okay, let's! This is crazy, but I feel good about it! Let's get an apartment!

GK: I've got a futon. I've got a water filter.

SS: I have a desk and a chair.

GK: I'll go back to work at Bellagio Pizza.

SS: You make pizza?

GK: I deliver pizza.

SS: Great. We'll live on pizza.

GK: Fantastic. You like sausage or pepperoni?

SS: Actually I'm vegan.

GK: Oh.

SS: Is that going to be okay?

GK: Of course. That's great. I can go with that.

SS: I have two cats, by the way.

GK: Okay.

SS: Are you sure?

GK: I'm allergic but it's not bad. We'll just keep the windows open.

SS: What kind of music do you like?

GK: All kinds.

SS: Do you play in the band?

GK: I do. It's called Finger.

SS: Finger. Are you the bass player?

TR (DRONES): Trevor K. Anderson, and Zane P. Anderson. Amy A. Appleman. Amy B. Appleman. Bethany K Appleman. Bethany P. Appleman.....

GK: How did you know?

SS: My roommate dated you for two years--

GK: Melanie?

SS: Right. I know all about you.

GK: It wasn't rue about the gerbils.

SS: Get out of here--

GK: She told you about the gerbils didn't she?

SS: Right.

GK: Not true.

SS: Don't touch me.

TR: Bobby P. Appleman.....Bobby P. Applemore.