Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:14 Tishomingo Blues/ Summertime - GK and Shoe Band
00:04:28 GK Open
00:07:35 They're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone - Sam Bush and Shoe Band
00:12:24 POEM Script
00:14:42 Bobby, Baby - Lera Lynn with Ben Lewis
00:19:24 Happy Ever After - Lera Lynn with Ben Lewis and Sam Bush
00:22:40 SFX Script
00:29:14 Powdermilk Biscuit Break - GK and Shoe Band

Segment 2
00:30:46 GK talks about Atlanta
00:34:12 Southern Town - GK and Shoe Band
00:37:34 Guy Noir Script
00:49:48 Yo Yo Blues - Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
00:52:18 Leo and Leona - Joe Ely with Jeff Plankenhorn (GK intros)
00:58:02 Me and Billy the Kid - Joe Ely with Jeff Plankenhorn and Shoe Band
01:02:24 Intermission - M-O-T-H-E-R

Segment 3
01:05:56 GK talks about The Fox Theatre
01:07:28 GK Greetings
01:09:42 When I Survey the Wondrous Cross (Hymn for Mother) - GK and Shoe Band
01:13:18 Tick Script
01:17:32 GK talks to Lera Lynn and Sam Bush
01:19:55 Happy Birthday to You - Garrison Keillor, Lera Lynn and live audience
01:20:28 A Friend For Life - Sam Bush, Lera Lynn and Shoe Band (GK intros)

Segment 4
01:24:28 News From Lake Wobegon

Segment 5
01:39:26 Comin' Down - Lera Lynn with Ben Lewis and Shoe Band
01:43:14 Mom Script
01:49:38 Mama Tried - Joe Ely with Jeff Plankenhorn and Shoe Band
01:53:05 GK Credits
01:54:32 Circus Script
01:56:18 One Love - Sam Bush, GK, Lera Lynn, Ben Lewis, Joe Ely, Jeff Plankenhorn, Pat Donohue, Rich Dworsky and Shoe Band