GK: We're in Nashville this week. The show is on tour through the summer because we're Americans, we're restless, and also wherever we go we come across things that are really really irritating, so we have to keep moving ......like in New York, you see people walking their dogs with little sweaters on them----- (SS TALKING BABY TALK TO DOG) it's so degrading to the dog, they have fur, they don't need to be clothed.....anthropomorphizing animals ---- it's sick. And New York is the national capital of loud cellphone talkers (FN: YEAH. I CAN HEAR YOU JUST FINE. ---NO, YOU'RE COMING IN LOUD AND CLEAR. WHERE ARE YOU? ---- ME? I'M IN NEW YORK. YEAH, NEW YORK.) you can hear them a block away----- Before that, we were in Milwaukee where people get on the moving sidewalk in the airport and they stand there (FAT HUMMING).....what is the problem? Is this your house? Excuse me. Out of my way. ------ and before that we were in Minnesota where you come across these angry feminists from the 80s------ usually in a food co-op.

SS: What's that about?

GK: What's what about?

SS: You opening the door for me. What---- am I too delicate to open the door for myself??? You think I might be trapped here, waiting for someone to come and open it?

GK: I'm sorry.

SS: You know how many times guys have rushed to open a door for me and they wind up slamming it into my foot? Huh? You want to know? 12.

GK: I was brought up to open doors for women. So shoot me.

SS: I might. It's insulting. It's so sexist and patronizing. You want to fight? Huh? Come on. Put em up. Bring it on! (THEY STRUGGLE)

GK: And before Minnesota we were in Hawaii where you have to deal with all these very mellow drivers going 15 mph along winding roads you can't pass on (TR: Oh wow. Look at that. The horizon. Far out) ---- So here we are in Nashville. Hoping things work out. No pet sweaters so far, people walking on the moving walkway, women seem to be able to accept a little chivalry. People driving the speed limit. NASHVILLE, a more or less normal American city. That's my hope, anyway. If not, we'll just move on.