GK: .....brought to you by ElbowJell everyday explosives. Summer is coming on and things do expand in heat and that means jammed doors and windows (FN STRAINING) ----- dont strain your back when a little ElbowJell can solve the problem (EXPLOSION)----- (DOOR OPEN). Sometimes appliances go on the fritz. (DRYER, THUMPING) Like this dryer. You could call a repairman and itd cost you $300 to fix, but instead, add some ElbowJell (SPLORT, EXPLOSION, DRYER RUNS SMOOTH). And those irritating beeps on your microwave that nag at you to take the TV dinner out (BEEPS) ----- itd take you half an hour to read the owners manual to figure out how to reprogram the thing and instead of that (SPLORT, EXPLOSION) solve it the ElbowJell way. And then theres packaging thats impossible to open. (SFX) Thats why CDs went out of style ------ too hard to get the plastic wrapper off. Sometimes you come across a bag of raisins for heavens sake that (FN STRAIN) you cant pull apart----- you try stabbing it with a knife (FN SFX) and you wind up cutting your wrist (CRY OF PAIN) ----- so much easier to simply apply ElbowJell (SPLORT, EXPLOSION).