GK: The life of a snowman is a precarious thing in the sort of weather that we've been having this year, not that I would know what it was like before, I have only existed since December when a girl and her dad rolled three big balls of snow and piled them up and gave me eyes and a nose and here I am, not all that smarter than when I was first created, but I hear things. The other day a girl stood waiting for the bus and she was listening to a boombox and I heard this song----- (GUITARS)

Tonight I'm here still standing,
Though shrinking, not expanding
Can I retain my stature and my size,
Will I still be here tomorrow?

Tonight I stand uprightly
So firm and white and very round
But will I be unsightly,
When the sun (When the sun)
Comes beating down.

GK: And then the girl got on the bus and she was gone. The little girl who made me comes out in the morning and wraps a blanket around me.

SS (GIRL): Here you go, Mr. Snowman. This'll keep you nice and cool. See you when I get home from school. Chill out! Okay? I don't want to lose you.

GK: I'm only a snowman, but snow is sensitive. I mean, we're made of millions of unique crystals, none of them alike, and we pick up things around us ----- we can feel what people are thinking sometimes as they walk past-----


TR: Forty. My God. How did I get to be forty? College seems like it was just last week ----- Forty. Yikes. (FADES AWAY)

GK: Everything changes so suddenly. You see this when you're stationary. People break up. Children grow up. Dogs are there one day and then they're gone. Even the trees feel it. The old elm tree next to me.

SS (ELDERLY): They came and painted this red stripe on me today. I feel fine. Not as green as I used to be, but still. Got a good root system. Big branches. Why the red stripe? Who makes these decisions?

GK: Maybe it's a mistake.

SS (ELDERLY): That's what I'm saying: it IS a mistake. But they're going to come with the chainsaw and cut me down and that's all there is to it. Goodbye, Eleanor. Take em ten minutes and I'm on the ground in sections, ready to go into the wood chipper.

GK: Well, I'll miss you.

SS (ELDERLY): You? Ha. They won't cut me down until June. You'll be long gone. You'll be just a damp spot in the grass, Mister. ---- Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry.

GK: It's okay. I can take the truth.

SS (ELDERLY): I shouldn't have said it.

GK: I know I don't have long. I just don't know how to face up to it.


Yesterday.....I was sure that I was here to stay. Now I know that spring is on the way. I'll be gone for sure by May.

GK: A snowman sees a lot and feels a lot and what I think about is the time not so far away when I am no longer here and when people will walk down this sidewalk and what they will not say is------

SS: Remember that snowman who used to stand there? He was the most wonderful snowman. I miss him. So much.

GK: They won't say that. And neither will that snow woman standing in that yard over there, the one with the big hat. She won't miss me.

HM: Hey!

GK: You talking to me?

HM: What's going on with you?

GK: What do you mean?

HM: You've changed.

GK: Oh?

HM: Last night. I thought you were in love with me. And now----- today----- nothing. It's like you're not there.

GK: I'm thinking.

HM: Well, think about me for once.

GK: I'm sorry.


HM & GK:
We said our goodbyes the night before
Love was in your eyes (ah, the night before)
Now today I find you have changed your mind
Treat me like you did the night before

Were you telling lies? (ah, the night before)
Was I so unwise? (ah, the night before)
When I held you near, you were so sincere
Treat me like you did the night before

Last night is a night I will remember you by
When I think of things we did, it makes me wanna cry

GK: What did we do? I don't remember.

HM: You've forgotten already?

GK: Last night seems like years ago.

HM: So it meant nothing to you then. It breaks my heart.

GK: Sorry. ----- Sorry. ------ Sorry.


TR: Can't wait for winter to be over.

SS: Me too.

TR: It's been a good winter though. Not all that cold. Not so much snow. I like that.

SS: I know.

TR: People say they miss the snow. Not me.


We said our goodbyes (ah, the night before)
Love was in your eyes (ah, the night before)
Now today I find you have changed your mind
Treat me like you did the night before.

GK: I don't remember last night.

HM: I do.

GK: Was it good?

HM: Wonderful. Absolutely wonderful.