GK: ......brought to you by Maddy's Drive-Through Counseling on West 7th Street. Spring is coming, when people finally face up to relationship problems they suppressed during the cold winter months. But if you're a busy professional person, you don't have time to sit and yak with a therapist about your marriage------ time to head for Maddy's Drive-Through Counseling on West 7th, where our team of social workers gets right to the point and gives you good pointers in a minute and a half----- (CAR SLOWS AND STOPS)

HM (BOSTON): Hey, welcome to Maddy's. What's going on?

SS: He's driving me nuts, that's what. I can't talk to him anymore. We sit in a room and hardly ever look at each other. He's got the stupid radio on all the time.

TR: Aaaaaaaaaaa------ shuddup.

HM (BOSTON): Communication. That's the key. Take him dancing.

SS: What??? Go dancing??? With him????

HM (BOSTON): Go dancing. Take lessons. Go twice a week ---- start with the Lindy hop ---- give it six weeks ---- see what happens.

SS: Okay---------

HM (BOSTON): That's three bucks. Cash or charge? (STING)

GK: At Maddy's Drive-Through Counselling, you don't waste weeks and months dredging up tales of misery ----- Maddie cuts to the chase.

HM (BOSTON): Go dancing. Simple as that.

GK: That's Maddy's Drive-Through Counselling, next door to Maddy's Ballroom, on West 7th, where the dancing is continuous, the dancing never stops.