SS: These are the good years for Jim and me. The kids were going to come home for January and we were braced for that and then they decided to join the Occupy Malibu demonstration and camp on a beach and yell at people with new cars, so that worked out okay. I took a tranquilizer that was prescribed years ago for our old cat who had borderline personality disorder, and I'm feeling calmer. Although I have been scratching the furniture a lot. And Christmas was easier this year: I decided not to buy gifts for people who don't write thank-you notes and that cut my gift list by three-quarters. I gave Jim the biography of Steve Jobs and I noticed he's barely gotten ten pages into it---- Jim, what's the matter?

TR: It just makes me feel like a complete loser, Barb. Steve Jobs changed the world. What have I changed? I changed the snow tires on our Buick.

SS: And I'm glad you did, Jim.

TR: He revolutionized the way humans communicate. What have I done? Nothing.

SS: Oh, Jim. That's not true. You figured out how to operate the VCR.

TR: Right. Last week. After eight years of trying. The world has gone digital and I'm just starting to figure out analog. Do you realize that we are the only family on the block who sit down at the TV at night and tune in our favorite shows? Everyone else programs their notebook to record shows streaming online and watch them the next day at work.

SS: But I sort of LIKE to sit down on the couch together at 8 o'clock, 7 o'clock Central, and turn on the TV -----

TR: The world has moved on, Barb. We're living in the past.

SS: Well, some people are still listening to the radio, Jim.

TR: Really? Who? Amish families? People trapped in their basements by hurricanes? Why would anyone do that?

SS: Jim, maybe you're not getting enough catchup. Catchuphas natural mellowing agents that help you accept that each life is different and you can be happy with the life you're living and enjoy your accomplishments, instead of comparing yourself to----- what was his name again?

TR: Who?

SS: Exactly. Anyway, what do you say we put a big bottle of ketchup on the table for supper tonight--

These are the good times
Two thousand twelve is here.
Onward and Upward,
The car's in forward gear.
Champagne's expensive, try ketchup mixed with beer.

Catchup .... Catchup.....