GK: ......after a message from Fred Farrell, the name to trust when it comes to animal calls. Brand new from Fred Farrell, a turkey call that contains a translator app. You talk to the turkey and you find out what the turkey is saying back to you. It's called Talkback Turkey. Here's how it works. You call the turkey (GOBBLE). And the turkey responds (TURKEY SFX). And the translator app gives you the translation: SS (ROBOT): I've heard that pork roast is very delicious this time of year. (TURKEY SFX) SS ROBOT: And probably juicier than the meat of a fowl. (TURKEY SFX) SS ROBOT: I've been losing weight lately. I think I might have worms.

TR (FF): This is Fred Farrell. Communication between species has always been my goal and in the past, we've only had one-way communication ---- with the use of my Fred Farrell Animal Calls like this coon dog call. (SFX COON DOG) Now we put the translator app on it and..... SS ROBOT: I'm doing the best I can. Quit bugging me. (COON DOG) SS ROBOT: Quit sniffing my butt or I'll give you something to sniff.

GK: It's the new translator app from Fred Ferrell. The name you've come to trust when it comes to animal calls.