GK: You see them flying overhead in their enormous formations, thousands of migratory birds, and you think, Do they ever get discouraged? Or are they in the grip of powerful instincts? The answer is: both. Birds do suffer from moods. They're called fowl moods and that's why you will sometimes see a bird (GOOSE CRY) drop out of formation and descend alone (GOOSE CRY) to a lake and rest. (WINGS FADE OFF) Migration is a long haul. Loons, for example, begin the long journey in a mood of excitement (LOON CALL) but after a couple hundred miles (LOON CALLS, WEARY, COLD) they get discouraged.


GK: All along the great Mississippi flyway, hundreds of bird sanctuaries are waiting, ready to serve the exhausted and the anxious (WHEEZING (EXHAUSTED FLAPPING). Trained volunteers provide food and comfort.

SS: You're NOT a bad bird ---- you're a discouraged bird. And the rest of your flock is NOT judging you. They miss you. Look at this $5 bill in my hand (GOOSE)----- see how it's all crumpled and there are little rips in it and the corner is torn off? (GOOSE) This $5 bill is just like you. (GOOSE) It's damaged and worn ---- BUT it's worth just as much as it was when it was new. (GOOSE) I'm going to give you a little pill now. (GOOSE) This is a very mild antidepressant. It won't make you high, but it'll get you off the ground. Okay? (GOOSE SWALLOW) Good girl.


GK: This weekend, bird sanctuaries are in the midst of their fall fundraising drive. Please give generously to the bird sanctuary nearest you. Together (FLOCK OF BIRDS, WINGS FLAPPING, MUSIC IN TEMPO) we can do our part to keep those flocks in the air, moving south, going where they're supposed to go. (FLOCK FADES INTO DISTANCE)