GK: I love Schubert. I know some people think he's kind of syrupy but I find him very moving.

SS: That's the CD your old girlfriend sent you.

GK: It is? Oh. It is.

SS: She sent it on your birthday.

GK: It's beautiful though, isn't it?

SS: The music is, yes. What special personal associations it has for you, I have no way of knowing. She was the German one, right? Hilda?

GK: Heidi.

SS: By the way, just so you know, Josh broke up with Stephanie.

GK: His girlfriend?

SS: Right. But we can't worry about that. We have to lead our own lives.

GK: Okay.

SS: Do I still excite you?

GK: You do.

SS: Would you mind changing this CD? I don't want to make love to a CD that your old girlfriend sent you, okay? Just change it.

GK: Okay. What do you want instead?

SS: How about Tchaikovsky?

GK: Too weepy.

SS: Bach?

GK: Too churchy.


TR (JOSH, OUTSIDE): Mom? Dad? Can I come in?

GK: No, don't come in----- (DOOR OPEN)

TR (TEEN): Jeeze, it's like pitch-black in here. Where are you?

GK: Never mind.

TR (TEEN): What's wrong?

GK: Nothing, just leave ---- okay?

TR (TEEN): Dude-----What are you doing in the dark, Dad?

GK: Just putting on a pair of pants, that's all.

TR (TEEN): What's the problem?

SS: Nothing, it's just that sometimes Dad and I like to be alone. You understand.

TR (TEEN): You've been alone all evening.

GK: Anyway-----We're going to go to bed now. Okay? So---- see you in the morning.

TR (TEEN): Okay. Cool. See ya. Mind if I take the car?

GK: Fine.

TR (TEEN): Good night, Mom.

SS: Good night, honey.

TR (TEEN): You two take it easy.

GK: Yeah, you too. Good night. (DOOR CLOSE)

SS: Come here.

GK: I'm coming. What do you want to listen to? How about "Tales of Hoffman Offenbach" ---

SS: Your girlfriend didn't give you that?

GK: No.

SS: Promise?

GK: She liked Schubert. Not opera

SS: Put your arm around me.

GK: Okay.

SS: Push Play.

GK: What does that mean?

SS: Push the play button.

GK: Oh. You mean on the CD player.

SS: What did you think I meant?