GK: Technology has been good to the institution of marriage. It has eliminated those bitter arguments in the car.....

SS: Where are you going?

TR: To church!

SS: You going the wrong way!

TR: I am not!

SS: You turned right instead of left.

TR: I know where I am. I've driven this way a thousand times.

SS: You're heading for the airport.

TR: I am not.

SS: Are you out of your mind???

TR: Oh just stifle yourself, would you.

SS: Let me out of the car.

TR:Oh for pity's sake.

SS: Stop right now and let me out of the car. I want out of this car.

GK: Those arguments are now a thing of the past.

SS (ELECTRONIC): Freeway entrance on the left in zero point six miles.

GK: And there is peace in the family where once there was anger and recrimination. And then there's the cellphone, which means a husband and wife are kept constantly informed of each other's whereabouts.

TR (ON PHONE): I've just left Sarah at the orthodontist's and now I'm on the way to the store and then pick up Josh at soccer practice at fifteen-hundred hours, over and out.

GK: And now from Fritz Electronics, there's yet another marriage-saving device and that's the home TV robot ----- it sends live pictures of any location in your house direct to your iPhone----

SS: We've got to turn around and go back. I forgot to turn off the stove. I'm sorry.

TR: No, I'll just check and see. (WHINE OF ROBOT MOTOR, TURNING, MOVING, AIMING CAMERA) No, the gas is off.

SS: Who are those people in the kitchen?

TR: Kirsten's friends.

SS: What are they drinking?

TR: Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on them.

GK: And with the purchase of a home TV robot, you get a Fritz digital gas neutralizer. In the old days, outbursts of gas led to contempt and rejection.....

SS: Oh for pity's sake. Oh my god. What have you been eating? Open the windows. I'm going to a hotel.

GK: No more, thanks to the gas neutralizer. Just clip it to your belt and (TR TO HIMSELF: Oh oh, I feel one coming.....) the neutralizer reads the odor in a tenth of a second (HIGH HUM) and emits a mist that will neutralize the one you emitted.

SS: Did you bring me a bouquet of lilacs, Dave?

TR: Uh. No, why?

GK: Get a home TV robot from Fritz, and get absolutely free our digital gas neutralizer. From Fritz Electronics.....everything you need is on the fritz.