Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:12 Tanglewood
00:02:58 GK talks about his week, seeing little old ladies at the coffeeshop
00:03:40 Back in the Day- GK/ Shoe Band
00:09:13 This Will Be An Everlasting Love- Jearlyn and Jevetta
00:12:06 Guy Noir script
00:24:09 GK intros Sara Watkins
00:25:08 Mystifies Me- Sara Watkins and band
00:28:52 Summertime Blues- band
00:32:00 Powdermilk Biscuit Break/ Mess Around- band, Steeles, GK, Christine

Segment 2
00:36:47 GK intros Chris Thile, "Rabbit in a Log"
00:42:14 Columbia the Gem of the Ocean- Shoes
00:45:31 Mom script
00:53:40 Fiddle Medley: Fisher's Hornpipe/ Gold Rush- Sara Watkins and Richard Kriehn with Shoes
00:57:42 Up Above My Head- Jearlyn, Jevetta, GK, Christine, Sara and band
01:01:00 Intermission- Avalon

Segment 3
01:04:00 Greetings
01:09:29 Up on the Roof/ I Can See Clearly Now- GK/ Christine/ Sara/ Shoe Band
01:14:23 Cowboys script
01:24:34 GK intros the Steeles
01:25:10 Baby You've Got What it Takes- Jearlyn and Jevetta with Shoes
01:29:00 You're the One I Love- Sara Watkins and Chris Thile and Shoes

Segment 4
01:31:58 News From Lake Wobegon

Segment 5
01:44:33 Berkshire Waltz- Pat Donohue, Richard Kriehn and Chris Thile
01:47:15 Ge Mig en Dag- GK/ Sara Watkins/ band
01:49:22 Rhubarb script
01:54:38 Credits, Up Above My Head reprise