GK: Let's talk about coffee. Herbal tea is okay if your name is Dandelion and your wardrobe is made of hemp and you have tiny colorful songbirds who fly from room to room and you write haiku but not here in Michigan. It's summer. Stay awake for it. If you're depressed in Michigan, it's because you're drinking herbal tea. Stop that. All you need is more coffee.


Smells so lovely when you pour it
You will want to drink a quar't
Of coffee.

It's delicious all alone, it's
Also good with doughnuts.
Black coffee

Life's a ride on a toboggan
Now you're rollin' now your rockin'
It is served at Interlochen,
Potta coffee, now you're talkin'
Have a pot of it today
I'm sure you'll say it's awfully
Good coffee.