GK: Summer. You're ready for an active outdoor summer and then you catch a cold when people sneeze on you-

TR: (BULIDING SNEEZE, SNEEZE, NOSE WIPE) Oh. Excuse me. Oh sorry. I sneezed right on you

FN: Cover your face!

GK: There's sneezing all around you. (SIX SNEEZES WORKING UP TOWARD ARTILLERY FIRE) By the time you get home, you are sick. (FN MOAN) and in the morning you go in for your big presentation at Amalgamated Software, and your boss is there (JOWLY MURMURING), and his boss is there, too (DEEPER JOWLY MURMURING), and you have taken too many antihistamines and you are in shock ---

FN: (HALLUCINATING) I want to talk about my feelings and why I feel disconnected around you boobs, you meatheads who run this stupid company-- I don't care about software--I'm going to show you my underwear--(SFX) Whoops. I'm not wearing any.

GK: The silence is horrible. (THROAT CLEARING) It's humiliating. You're so ashamed. (SOBBING). You've got to leave town. Go somewhere. But where? Bainbridge Island. Why not? (FN: I don't know anybody on Bainbridge Island.) And nobody on Bainbridge Island knows you. That's good. (FN: Okay. Bainbridge Island.) It's about as far west as you can go. It's where people go when they need to get away from shame and disgrace.

SS: I was a bad mother. I did not read to my child or buy her a cello. She was raised on reality shows while I played online poker and now she's a convicted felon. So I came to Bainbridge Island.

TR (RICO): I sold cigarettes to kids at a Montessori kindergarten and showed them how to inhale. And we did keg-stands. I was a bad bad man.

SS: I worked in a group home for fashion models and I tormented them by force-feeding them full-fat dairy products and Quarter-Pounders when they were crying out for lettuce and laxatives. I enjoyed seeing them cry. I came to the island.

On Bainbridge Island people go to forget
In your cabin with no Internet
You watch the fog as it comes and goes
And no one knows, and no one knows-