GK: We're in Flagstaff, Arizona, not far from Meteor Crater where, as the name suggests, 50,000 years ago a huge rock came out of space (SFX) and slammed into the Earth (SFX) which startled the wooly mammoths who were here (SFX) and drove them off in hysteria (SFX) and that was a fortuitous meteor because it made it possible for older white persons (SFX) to move in who would not have had there been woolly mammoths around.

In Flagstaff, you find observatories where scientists watch for any more incoming meteors ----- those are satellites (SFX), comets (SFX), and that's just space junk (SFX). No incoming meteors.

The Lowell Observatory is here, where scientists discovered Pluto (SFX RADIO WAVES), which used to be a planet and then they decided it isn't (SFX) and it was demoted. Named for Percival Lowell (MUTTERING), who believed there were aliens on Mars and from this idea came a lot of movies in which weird people (SFX) land on Earth in space ships (SFX) and come down on a beam of light (SFX) and creep us out ----- a lot of kids had bad dreams about this (ALIENS). There's not much water on Mars but there is some in Arizona --The Colorado River is here, whooshing through the Grand Canyon, (SFX), where tourists pay to plunge through rapids (SFX) and into a churning vortex (SFX) vultures circle overhead (SFX), looking for some spare tourists to wash up on the banks---

GK: A beautiful spot, Flagstaff. All you have to do is look around. And if something brushes against your leg, just hope it's the one you're with and not something else (SFX)