GK: Children grow up so fast. One day you have this sweet little daughter.

SS (GIRL): Daddy! Daddy's home! I missed you, Daddy. I missed you so much.

GK: And moments later she turns 15.

SS (TEEN): You are so weird. Don't talk to me. Talk to the hand.

GK: But honey-----

SS (TEEN): Too much information! (SITAR, TABLA)

GK: And then I saw an ad for The Rainbow Plateau Sheep Ranch and Summer Camp for Girls in Flagstaff. Where young American women live in tents and learn to live on salads made from wild flowers and there is no texting and no Facebook. No YouTube, no iPod. They hike through the mountains and they care for wounded raptors (SFX) They tend sheep (SFX). Each girl is in charge of a hundred sheep (SFX).

SS (CHEERY TEEN): Hi Daddy. I miss you, Daddy. But I really really really love it here in the camp. Meditation is so cool. And I love my sheep (SFX)

GK: Rainbow Plateau Sheep Ranch and Summer Camp for Girls. Change your child's life through sheepherding. (SFX)