Segment 1
00:00:00 Logo
00:00:13 Tishomingo Blues
00:02:55 Opening SFX
00:04:13 April Medley- GK/ Heather Masse
00:07:46 Shutdown script
00:12:22 Onions- GK, Heather, Pat Donohue, Rich Dworsky
00:14:48 Guy Noir script
00:26:37 The Way You Look Tonight- Heather Masse and Shoe Band
00:30:52 Powdermilk Biscuit Break

Segment 2
00:32:21 GK intros Leon Redbone
00:33:38 Mr. Jelly Roll Baker- Leon Redbone and Shoe Band
00:36:20 Please Don't Talk About Me When I'm Gone- Leon Redbone and Shoe Band
00:39:06 Cowboys script
00:48:44 Sugarfoot Rag- Pat Donohue and Shoe Band
00:51:27 SFX script
00:57:20 Surrey With the Fringe on Top- GK, Heather Masse, Richard Dworsky
00:1:01:56 Intermission- Miss Annabelle Lee

Segment 3
01:05:06 Greetings
01:10:15 My Love Is Like a Red, Red Rose

Segment 4
01:13:00 News From Lake Wobegon

Segment 5
01:25:08 La Costena- Richard Dworsky and Shoes
01:27:55 GK intros Leon Redbone
01:28:38 Desert Blues- Leon Redbone and Shoes
01:31:05 Big Time Woman- Leon Redbone and Shoes
01:34:00 Diary script
01:42:47 Skylark- Heather Masse and Shoe Band
01:46:09 Wildlife script
01:52:35 Credits, closing SFX
01:56:02 Surrey With the Fringe On Top reprise
01:57:30 Polly Wolly Doodle- Leon Redbone and band